Hostel da Vila Hostel da Vila Ilha Bela


Located on the secluded beach of Bonete, considered by The Guardian one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the World, Vila Bonete is our villa in paradise!

The great attraction here are the simplicity and the contact with nature and with the Caiçara culture. The beach is inhabited by a community of 300 people who have in the artisanal fishing their main activity. Here, time is our friend and the word connection has the old meaning!



 Bar and Restaurant
 Swimming Pool
 Free Wi-fi
 Surf Club

 Hammoks around the pool
 Tours and Boat transport
 Parties and Social Events

• Social Area (cable TV and board games)
• Breakfast (R$ 20,00 – not included)


Vila Bonete has 10 private suites for up to three people, equipped with a fan and a gas-heated shower.

IMPORTANT NOTICEUntil recently, there was no electricity after 6:00 pm at Bonete, when the community generator is shuttled down. A few years ago, solar panels were installed in every house, which helps us keep lights and fans out during part of the night.